Chef's Special

Peking Duck (whole)
Crispy Whole Fish with
Sweet & Sour Sauce
Steamed fish Fillet
H01 北京鴨 Peking Duck (whole) $42.95
H02 樟茶鴨 Smoked Duck with Tea Favor (half) $19.95
H03 豆瓣鮮魚 Fish with Spicy Bean Sauce $23.95
H04 酸菜全魚 Whole fish with Pickled Vegetable $23.95
H05 松鼠全魚 Crispy Whole Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce $25.95
H06 成都辣子雞 Chung Du Spicy Chicken $12.95
H07 黑椒乾貝 Scallop and Black Pepper Sauce $18.95
H08 孜然羊肉 Cumin Lamb $17.95
H09 蔥爆羊肉 Scallion Lamb $17.95
H10 北京紅燒鮮魚 Peking Style Braised Fish $23.95
H11 炒三鮮 Sauteed Triple Delights (Shrimp, Chicken, Beef) $15.95
H12 四川回鍋肉 Szechuan Twice Cooked Pork Belly $12.95
H13 紅袍兔丁 Diced Rabbit with Chef’s Sauce $16.95
H14 沸騰魚 Steamed fish Fillet with Chef’s Sauce in Hot Pot $23.95
H15 飄香田雞 Szechuan Style Frog $19.95
H16 回鍋臘肉 Twice Cooked Pork Belly $15.95
H17 紅燒牛舌 Braised Cow’s Tongue $16.95
H18 辣子田雞 Spicy Diced Frog $23.95
H19 水煮魚 Boiled Fish fillet & Red Pepper Bean Sprouts $16.95
H20 乾鍋羊肉 Dry Cooked Lamb $18.95
H21 乾鍋田雞 Dry Cooked Frog $22.95
H22 太公烤鱼 Szechuan flavor grilled whole fish $27.95
H23 東北酸菜烤魚 Grilled Fish with Pickled Cabbage $28.95



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