Chicken Broccoli
General Gau’s Chicken
K01 亰川宮爆雞 Kung Pao Chicken $12.95
K02 芝麻雞 Sesame Chicken $12.95
K03 雪豆雞 Chicken with Snow Peas $12.95
K04 陳皮雞 Orange Flavor Chicken $12.95
K05 芥蘭雞 Chicken Broccoli $12.95
K06 甜酸雞 Sweet & Sour Chicken $11.95
K07 蘑菇雞 Chicken with Mushrooms $11.95
K08 三椒煸雞 Stir Fried Chicken with
Spicy Capsicum
K09 腰果雞 Chicken with Cashews $11.95
K10 木須雞 Moo Shi Chicken $10.95
K11 蘆笋雞 Chicken with Asparagus $12.95
K12 左宗雞 General Gau’s Chicken $12.95
K13 四季豆雞 Chicken with String Beans $12.95
K14 魚香雞片 Yushiang Chicken $12.95
K15 咖喱雞 Curry Chicken $11.95
K16 紅油雞片 Thin Sliced Chicken in Red Chili Oil $11.95

  Hot and Spicy

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