Hot Pot

Spicy and Aromatic
Pig Blood Hot Pot
Beef Brisket
F01 京川羊腩煲 Lamb BrisketCasserole $18.95
F02 牛腩煲 Beef Brisket Casserole $18.95
F03 海鮮茄子煲 Seafood Eggplant Casserole $20.95
F04 亰川兔煲 Rabbit Szechuan Style Casserole $17.95
F05 薑蔥牛肉煲 Ginger Scallion Beef Casserole $16.95
F06 素菜豆腐煲 Bean Curd & Vegetable Casserole $16.95
F07 帶魚香辣煲 Spicy Hairtail Casserole $13.95
F08 五更腸旺 Pig Intestine in Hot Pot $15.95
F09 毛血旺 Spicy and Aromatic Pig Blood Hot Pot $16.95
F10 酸菜白肉鍋 Pickled Vegetable Pork Hot Pot $16.95
F11 豆花肥腸 Soft Bean Curd in Pig’s Hot Pot $15.95
F12 干鍋海鮮 Dry Cooked Seafood & Sichuan Sauce $14.95
F13 干鍋雞翼 Dry Cooked Chicken Wings & Sichuan Sauce $21.95
F14 三色粉絲鍋 Three Flavor Vermicelli Hot Pot  $14.95
F15 干鍋魚片 Dry Cooked Fish Fillet & Sichuan Sauce $16.95
F16 麻辣香鍋 Spicy Pot (Chicken, Beef or Pork) $15.95
F17 麻辣豆腐鍋 Bean Curd in Spicy Hot Pot $12.95
F18 麻辣雞腿鍋 Chicken Legs in Spicy Hot Pot $13.95

  Hot and Spicy

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